GoWell UAE: Everything You Need to Know

In the bustling cityscapes of the UAE, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. GoWell UAE introduces a refreshing solution, blending personalized health goals and assessments with rewarding experiences. Tailored for both fitness enthusiasts and beginners, this innovative program makes achieving wellness both achievable and enjoyable in the fast-paced urban life.

What is GoWell?

GoWell is more than just a health program; it’s a lifestyle choice that rewards you every step of the way. Regardless of where you stand on your health journey, GoWell is designed to guide, motivate, and reward you.

GoWell UAE get healthy and get rewarded

The GoWell Experience

Kickstart Your Journey

  • Health Promotions: Begin with personalized weekly promotions that help you make better lifestyle choices.
  • Health Age Assessment: Discover the difference between your actual age and your ‘Health Age‘, giving you a unique perspective on your well-being.

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Tracking and Improvement

  • Health Data Tracking: Keep an eye on crucial health metrics like blood pressure and BMI, and earn points while you’re at it.
  • Fitness Your Way: Whether a leisurely walk or an intense workout, GoWell lets you earn points by getting active.

Rewards and Incentives

  • Instant Rewards: Reach your weekly goals and enjoy instant vouchers from various partners.
  • Fitness Device Payback: Purchase a fitness device and enjoy up to 700 AED off, paid back in Smiles points over 24 months.

Seamless Integration with HealthKit

Integrating with your Health app is just a few taps away:

  1. Hit the Profile tab on the home screen.
  2. Choose ‘Manage Devices and Apps‘.
  3. Select and link the Health app.

Getting Started with GoWell

Here’s how you can dive into the GoWell universe:

  1. Download the GoWell UAE app and sign up for free.
  2. Connect your fitness device or app.
  3. Complete a health assessment and start following your personalized goals.
  4. Engage in activities, achieve goals, and collect your weekly rewards.
  5. Continue reaching your goals for more significant rewards and status upgrades.
  6. Gain extra points through wellness screenings and special event participation.

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Try Before You Buy

Not sure yet? GoWell offers a 30-day free trial with full benefits; no payment details are required.

Earning Your First Reward

Jump into action:

  1. Complete the initial Health Review.
  2. Sync your wearable device or app.
  3. Meet your weekly personalized goals.
  4. Spin the wheel for a surprise reward or redeemable coins.
gowell uae rewards

Exclusive Rewards

Yearly rewards up to AED 2,500 include:

  1. Weekly active rewards like complimentary snacks or vouchers.
  2. Significant discounts on new wearable tech.
  3. Deals on sports clothing and fitness equipment.

Device Payback Perks

Purchase a new wearable from select brands and earn back up to AED 700 in Smiles points over 24 months by meeting your weekly goals.


In essence, GoWell UAE is revolutionizing how we approach health and wellness. It’s a comprehensive, rewarding program that encourages and celebrates every step towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are a fitness fanatic or just starting out, GoWell is your go-to platform for a healthier, reward-filled life in the UAE.

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