UAE Driving License Conversion without Test for 43 Nationalities

Expats from 43 Countries Can Now Convert Driving Licenses in UAE with Ease

As the UAE continues to attract expatriates from around the world, many new arrivals set their sights on obtaining a driving license. While it’s true that numerous individuals go through multiple attempts before successfully passing the driving test, some are in luck. Expats hailing from 43 countries recognized by the UAE government can convert their existing driving licenses into UAE licenses without needing to take any tests, thanks to the Ministry of Interior’s Markhoos initiative.

Eligibility and the Markhoos Initiative

To be eligible for this service, expatriates must possess a residence visa. The list of countries whose driving licenses can be converted without taking a test in the UAE is available on the Ministry of Interior’s website.

The 43 Recognized Countries

The countries that enjoy this benefit are as follows:

  1. Estonia
  2. Albania
  3. Portugal
  4. China
  5. Hungary
  6. Greece
  7. Ukraine
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Slovakia
  10. Slovenia
  11. Serbia
  12. Cyprus
  13. Latvia
  14. Luxembourg
  15. Lithuania
  16. Malta
  17. Iceland
  18. Montenegro
  19. United States of America
  20. France
  21. Japan
  22. Belgium
  23. Switzerland
  24. Germany
  25. Italy
  26. Sweden
  27. Ireland
  28. Spain
  29. Norway
  30. New Zealand
  31. Romania
  32. Singapore
  33. Hong Kong
  34. Netherlands
  35. Denmark
  36. Austria
  37. Finland
  38. United Kingdom
  39. Turkey
  40. Canada
  41. Poland
  42. South Africa
  43. Australia


The UAE’s Ministry of Interior’s Markhoos initiative is a welcome initiative for expatriates from the 43 recognized countries. The service not only facilitates a smoother transition for newcomers but also encourages safe and responsible driving practices. By recognizing these foreign licenses, the UAE demonstrates its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment for expats, ultimately contributing to the nation’s continued growth and development.

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