Full List of Dubai Traffic Fines and Black Points

In Dubai, road safety and traffic discipline are of paramount importance. To ensure that drivers adhere to the highest standards of conduct while navigating the city’s roads, a comprehensive set of traffic regulations has been established. These rules not only promote safer driving practices but also help in maintaining order on the busy streets. The following table presents the full list of traffic fines and black points applicable in Dubai. This detailed compilation covers a wide array of violations, from minor infractions to major offenses, outlining the corresponding fines, black points, and, where applicable, vehicle confiscation periods. It serves as a crucial resource for drivers to stay informed and compliant with the city’s traffic laws.

Dubai Traffic Fines and Black Points List 2023

No.ViolationPenalty Amount (AED)Black PointsVehicle Seizure Duration
1Hazardous driving threatening life safety20002360 days
2Driving causing property damageCourt’s decision2360 Days
3Alcohol-influenced drivingDetermined by court2360 Days
4Driving under drug/substance influenceAs per court2460 Days
5Driving without number plates30002390 Days
6Unsafe heavy vehicle driving3000
7Heavy vehicle causing property damage3000
8Heavy vehicle red signal violation3000
9Heavy vehicle accident causing overturn3000
10Heavy vehicle lane indiscipline150012
11Dangerous loading of heavy vehicle20006
12Loading heavy vehicle causing road damage20006
13Unauthorized heavy vehicle entry10004
14Heavy vehicle load leakage/spillage300012
15Absence of reflective stickers on trucks500
16Unlicensed operation of industrial vehicles1500
17Failure to elevate truck exhaust1500
18Uncovered truck loads3000
19Ignoring loading/unloading area rules10004
20Truck overtaking from prohibited area3000
21Heavy vehicle not meeting safety standards20006
22Driving against traffic direction60047 days
23Unauthorized entry100087 days
24Operating a noisy vehicle200012
25Driving a polluting vehicle10006
26Vehicle operation without insurance50047 days
27Unlicensed vehicle operation50047 days
28Foreign license use except in permitted cases10004
29Incorrect license category for vehicle40012
30Driving with expired license50047 days
31Vehicle operation with expired registration50047 days
32Non-compliance with vehicle safety standards500
33Operating unfit vehicle500
34Single number plate on vehicle400
35Unclear number plates400
36Under-speed driving below road minimum4004
37Sudden vehicle swerving10004
38Reversing vehicle dangerously5004
39Handheld mobile use while driving8004
40Driving distractions not specified8004
41Light vehicle red signal jumping10001230 days
42Motorbike red signal violation10001230 days
43Exceeding speed limit by over 60km/h20001230 days
44Speeding over 80km/h above limit20001230 days
45Speeding not over 60km/h above limit1500615 days
46Speeding not over 50km/h above limit1000
47Speeding not over 40km/h above limit700
48Speeding not over 30km/h above limit600
49Speeding not over 20km/h above limit300
50Disobeying traffic policeman instructions4004

No.ViolationPenalty Amount (AED)Black PointsVehicle Seizure Duration
51Overtaking from the hard shoulder10006
52Dangerous entry onto road6006
53Overtaking in a prohibited area600
54Fleeing from a traffic policeman (light vehicle)8001230 days
55Fleeing from a traffic policeman (heavy vehicle)10001630 days
56Causing fatalitiesDetermined by court2360 days
57Causing serious accidents or injuriesDetermined by court2330 days
58Not stopping after a minor accident (light vehicle)500860 days
59Not stopping after a minor accident (heavy vehicle)10001660 days
60Allowing children under 10 in front seats400
61Not providing a child seat for children under 4400
62Driver not fastening seat belt4004
63Passenger not fastening seat belt4004
64Not maintaining a safe distance4004
65Unsafe road entry4004
66Not yielding to emergency vehicles3000630 days
67Parking in front of fire hydrants10006
68Parking in spaces for special needs10006
69Unjustified stopping on the road10006
70Stopping in a yellow box500
71Incorrect left-side parking1000
72Stopping at pedestrian crossings500
73Blocking vehicles by parking500
74Taxi stopping in undesignated areas5004
75Stopping at junctions or curves500
76Unsecured parked vehicle500
77Incorrect parking manner500
78Dangerous parking affecting pedestrians400
79Interrupting pedestrian movement by parking400
80Parking on pavements400
81Unauthorized vehicle stickers or phrases500
82Exceeding tinting limits1500
83Tinting unpermitted vehicles1500
84Not yielding to pedestrians at crossings5006
85Ignoring traffic signs500
86Littering from vehicle10006
87Hazardous road signs placement500
88Unauthorized vehicle modifications100012
89Crowding at accident scenes100030 days
90Using vehicle for unintended purposes3004
91Illegal passenger transport30024
92Transporting hazardous materials without permission30002430 days
93Transporting passengers in unlicensed vehicles1000460 days
94Exceeding passenger limit in transport vehicles5004
95Not taking safety measures during vehicle breakdown5007 days
96Motorcyclist not wearing helmet5004
97Passenger not wearing helmet5004
98Using expired tires50047 days
99Not using indicators for direction changes400
100Not yielding to vehicles from behind or left side400

ViolationPenalty Amount (AED)Black PointsVehicle Seizure Duration
101Not testing car after major engine modifications400
102Not testing car after major chassis modifications400
103Light vehicle failing to maintain lane discipline400
104Poor condition of car lights4006
105Inadequate indicators4002
106Defective rear lights4002
107Pedestrians disobeying traffic signals400
108Pedestrian crossing at undesignated spots400
109School bus driver not using STOP SIGN properly5006
110Not stopping for school bus’s STOP SIGN100010
111Using leisure bike with three or more wheels on road300090 days
112Driving in lanes reserved for taxis and buses400
113Unauthorized participation in a motorcade500415 days
114Changing vehicle color without permission800
115Towing a car or boat without permission1000
116Unsafe towing of cars or boats1000
117Poor condition of trailer’s lights5004
118Absence of trailer lights5004
119Interrupting traffic in unspecified ways500
120Turning from undesignated areas5004
121Incorrect turning method5004
122Dangerous light vehicle loading5004
123Light vehicle loading causing road harm500
124Unauthorized protruding load from light vehicle5004
125Dropping load from light vehicles500
126Illegal use of commercial plates5007 days
127Driving at night without lights5004
128Driving in fog without lights5004
129Ignoring authorities’ instructions in foggy weather5004
130Disturbing use of horn or sound system4004
131Endangering lives in residential/educational/hospital zones400
132Not carrying vehicle registration card400
133Using learning vehicles in prohibited areas/times400
134Teaching driving in non-labelled vehicles500
135Unauthorized driving instruction in undesignated car500
136Unlicensed driving instruction500
137Driving without a learning permit during training300
138Not surrendering license after max black points, first violation1000
139Retaining license after max black points, second violation2000
140Keeping license after max black points, third violation3000

In conclusion, understanding and adhering to Dubai’s traffic regulations is essential for all drivers to ensure road safety and avoid penalties. This concise list of traffic fines and black points serves as a valuable guide to promote responsible driving and help keep Dubai’s roads safe for everyone.

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