How to Check Your Etisalat SIM Number

Easy Steps to Find Your Etisalat SIM Number

Your mobile number is a crucial part of your daily life, as the key identifier for your personal and professional contacts, online platforms, banking transactions, and so much more. However, there are moments when we might forget this critical detail, especially when using a new SIM card. If you’re an Etisalat user who can’t recall their mobile number, fret not. We have outlined some simple methods for you to check your Etisalat mobile number quickly.

Method 1: Using USSD Code

Using a USSD code is a straightforward way to find your Etisalat mobile number. Here are the steps:

  1. Dial *101# from your Etisalat SIM.
  2. After dialling this USSD code, a pop-up window will appear with several options.
  3. Select “1” for “Account Management.”
  4. You will then be provided with more options. From there, select “3” for “Account Information.”
  5. Next, you must select “3” again to choose the “Know my number” option.
  6. Immediately, a pop-up will appear on your mobile screen displaying your mobile number.

An alternate and more direct way using the USSD code is to dial *101*1*3*3# and then press ‘Send’. Your number will instantly be shown on a pop-up on your screen.

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Method 2: Through a Missed Call

Sometimes, the most straightforward solutions are the best ones. If you have another working sim or a friend or family member nearby, you can check your new Etisalat SIM number by making a missed call. The missed call will show your number on their phone, allowing you to note it down.

Method 3: Customer Care

If, for some reason, you can’t utilize the USSD codes or make a missed call, contacting Etisalat’s customer care service is a reliable fallback option.

  1. Dial the Etisalat UAE customer care number, which is 101, from your new SIM card.
  2. Follow the instructions provided, which will likely involve providing your ID number and date of birth for verification.
  3. Upon successful verification, a customer care representative will help you retrieve your number.


In conclusion, forgetting your mobile number can be inconvenient, but thankfully, finding your Etisalat mobile number is a straightforward process. Whether you use the quick USSD codes, make a missed call, or reach out to customer service, you’ll have your number in no time. Remember, your mobile number is more than just a sequence of digits; it’s a critical component of your digital identity. Keep it handy!

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