Etisalat USSD Codes List for Essential Services – 2024

Managing your Etisalat prepaid SIM has never been easier. Whether you need to check your balance, recharge, transfer credit, or activate services, this guide provides all the essential codes and instructions to help you stay connected effortlessly.

Cheking Balance

To check the balance on your Etisalat prepaid SIM, simply dial *121#. This will provide you with the current balance and any other relevant account details.


Recharging your Etisalat prepaid SIM is easy. Just dial *120*Recharge Card Number#. Make sure to enter the recharge card number correctly to avoid any errors.

Etisalat Offers

To stay updated with the latest Etisalat prepaid offers and promotions, dial *101#. This will give you access to the most recent deals tailored for your needs.

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Transfering Credit

If you need to transfer credit from your Etisalat balance to another number, dial *100*Mobile Number*Amount#. This service is handy for sharing credit with family and friends.

Deal of the Day

Etisalat provides special offers on a daily basis. To find out the deal of the day, dial *050# and enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions.

Missed Call Notofication Service

tay informed about missed calls with Etisalat’s notification service. To activate:

  • When your phone is busy: dial *67*134#
  • When your phone is switched off or unreachable: dial *62*134#
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To deactivate:

  • For busy notifications: dial #67#
  • For switched-off or unreachable notifications: dial #62#

Call Forwarding Service

Manage call forwarding easily with these codes:

To activate:

  • Forward all calls: *21*05xxxxxxxx#
  • Forward when busy: *67*05xxxxxxxx#
  • Forward when no answer: *61*05xxxxxxxx#
  • Forward when switched off/unreachable: *62*05xxxxxxxx#

To deactivate:

  • Forward all calls: #21#
  • Forward when busy: #67#
  • Forward when no answer: #61#
  • Forward when switched off/unreachable: #62#

Call Waiting Service

To activate call waiting on your Etisalat line, dial *34#. For deactivation, dial *43#.

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Multi SIM

Manage your Etisalat multi SIMs with these codes:

  • Activate the current device profile: *105#
  • Check which handset is active: *#105#
  • Know the SIM ID (1 to 5): *#105#
  • Set selected SIM card as the primary SIM: *105#

Call Me Back Message

Send a free “call me back” text message to other Etisalat numbers by dialing *188*Destination Number#.

Request for Credit

If your Etisalat balance is low, request credit from family or friends by dialing *107*05XXXXXXXX*Amount#.

Start/Stop Data Service

Use the Start/Stop Data service to manage your data usage efficiently:

  • Start session: dial *777*1#
  • Check usage: dial *777*3#
  • Stop session: dial *777*2#

Change Preferred Number

To change your preferred number, text “CHANGE NAT (Old Preferred Number)(New Preferred Number)” to 1012.

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Prepaid Nonstop Data plan

To subscribe to the Prepaid Nonstop Data plan, dial *135*5#. For managing the plan, dial *170#.


  • Initial Benefit (AED 1): Dial *121*241#
  • Main Balance: Dial *121#
  • Roaming packages: *177#
  • Subscription Cancellation / Uasage: *101#

By utilizing these codes and services, you can effectively manage your Etisalat prepaid account, stay connected, and make the most out of your mobile experience.