How can I find my UAE Visa File Number?

What Is The UAE Visa File Number

The UAE visa file number is a unique number assigned to a new visa. Your UAE visa file number tells you three things: which emirates issued your visa when the visa was issued, and the visa number. In this article, we will show you how to find the File Number for a UAE visa.

How to Find UAE Visa File Number on Passport

If you need to find your UAE visa file number, it is located on the visa-stamped page of your passport. To locate it, open your passport and look at the page with your UAE visa stamp. In the upper right corner of that page, you will see your file number just under the UID number.

UAE visa file number, how to find file number in UAE visa.

What does your file number mean?

Your UAE visa file number can tell you a lot about your visa. The first three digits indicate the emirate where your visa was issued – for example, if your file number starts with ‘201’, then your visa was issued in Dubai (101-Abu Dhabi, 301-Sharjah, and 401-Ajman). The next four digits refer to the year in which your visa was issued – if the second part of the file number is ‘2022,’ that means your visa was issued in 2022. Finally, the last part of your file number is your Individual visa number.

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We hope this article helped you understand what the UAE visa file number is and where you can find it. The file number is an important identification number, and it can be found on your passport. Thanks for reading!

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